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As we all know, this winter has seemingly been one of the longest in history, and unfortunately, we have several more months to go. If you’re like me, spending long weekends trapped in your apartment with nowhere to go and nothing exciting to do, I suggest you take advantage of one of the many destinations near Clemson! Taking a weekend trip is a great way to get out of your apartment, enjoy quality time with friends and escape the dreariness that COVID-19 has instilled in us. The top destinations for a weekend getaway in proximity to Clemson, are Asheville, Charlotte, Charleston and Atlanta. 


Asheville, North Carolina is a beautiful city located in the great Blue Ridge Mountains, less than two hours from Clemson. It is great for outdoor activities including hiking and camping as it is close to multiple state parks. Asheville also offers diverse historical attractions including architecture, artistry and several museums. Asheville is also known for its vibrant food and arts scene where you can experience food from different cultures, unique beers and wines and eclectic theaters and galleries. It is a perfect destination for people interested in nature, food or drinking, which probably encompasses the entire Clemson student body in a nutshell. 


Charlotte, North Carolina is another great destination for Clemson students to visit and is only two and a half hours away. Charlotte is home to a variety of attractions that make it a perfect location for college students including a lively bar scene, sports stadiums and unique cultural experiences. Charlotte offers a refreshing array of restaurants, performances and museums to anyone visiting and is an ideal destination for college students to explore a new city. Because COVID-19 has affected many of the businesses and organizations in Charlotte, some of their attractions are currently closed to the public. Attractions that are currently operating and make a great addition to a weekend trip to Charlotte include the U.S National White Water Center, the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.


As we all know, Charleston is a beautiful beach town off the South Carolina coast and has been named America’s No. 1 Small City for 10 years and counting. Charleston is less than four hours away from Clemson and is home to beautiful white-sand beaches and a rich history, offering a beautiful downtown scene with unique restaurants and storefronts. If you are looking for a destination solely for a photo-op (which I know some of you are), Charleston offers breath-taking views that will look great on your timeline, but might not look too great on your bank account. Because Charleston has become widely popular in recent years, it is one of the more expensive destinations but despite this, is most definitely worth visiting during your time at Clemson. 


At last, we have Atlanta! Atlanta is the biggest city in proximity to Clemson and is only two hours away. Atlanta is a fast-growing city that is home to a rich heritage, unique food experiences and authentic displays of art and culture. Atlanta has several galleries, museums and exhibits that immerse you in the Southern Georgian culture and allow you to explore all that Atlanta has to offer. Atlanta also gives you the opportunity to have educational experiences at attractions including the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola and the College Football Hall of Fame. If you choose to plan a visit to Atlanta, you can cram your schedule with endless outdoor activities, museum tours, walks downtown and food and drink experiences. Take this opportunity to experience one of the South’s largest cities and take a weekend trip to Atlanta!


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