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From the Black Lives Matter movement to the #SaveClemsonXCTF campaign, this past year has been a long-overdue opportunity for Clemson students — and all United States citizens — to truly pursue an anti-racist lifestyle. While every day of the year should be a moment for you to better your education and allyship, February is one month when chances for learning about and respecting Black culture is all too abundant. The Gantt Multicultural Center is hosting a plethora of events for Black History Month, and Clemson students should take it upon themselves to attend at least one. However, there are other options for being an ally. In addition to advocacy and education, one simple way to support Black people in your area is by shopping at Black-owned businesses.

Since judging certain Black businesses to be better than others is rather contradictory to the point of bringing attention and support to the Black business owners of Clemson, these top seven Black-owned businesses are merely the ones that were identifiable through their websites or other Clemson students. It is not an exhaustive list, so if you know of another Black-owned business in Clemson that should be featured, contact us at editor.thetigernews@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you and to celebrate more Black business owners around Clemson.

  1. Butterfly Eco Beauty Bar

Owned by Clemson alum Dr. Nekita Sullivan, Butterfly Eco Beauty Bar is an eco-friendly wellness business dedicated to the Clemson community. The beauty bar was open for only a month before COVID-19 forced it to close in March 2020, but it recently reopened in January 2021 to raving reviews. Now, Butterfly Eco Beauty Bar offers yoga therapy in one-on-one, small group and video sessions. The store is conveniently located downtown at 111 Earle St. Suite D, and you can learn more about the business on their website below or their Instagram, @butterflyecobeautybar. 


  1. Simms Automotive Repair, LLC

Located in Pendleton, South Carolina, Simms Automotive Repair, LLC has been serving the vehicles of the Clemson community for 18 years. Their services include simple tasks such as oil changes and battery replacements, and they also complete diagnostics and repairs. Simms Automotive Services values efficiency and convenience, and they strive for mutual trust and respect. For more information, check out their website below. They’re located at 921 Pioneer Rd., Pendleton, S.C. 29670.

  1. Uptown Barbers

An old-school barbershop of some renown, Uptown Barbers is owned and run by Smiley Garvin. The cuts are efficient and the costs are fair, but be sure to forego the credit card during your visit since this business is cash only. A staple in the Central community, Uptown Barbers has also worked with Clemson Call Me MISTER students in the past to encourage reading in young children. You can find Uptown Barbers at 238 W Main St, Central, S.C. 29630, and you can call (864) 506-6651 to schedule an appointment.

  1. For the Love Barbershop

Another Black-owned barbershop in the Clemson area, For The Love Barbershop ensures that the men of Tigertown remain well-trimmed and stylish. With positive reviews regarding both their styling abilities and their dedication to spreading love amongst patrons, it is a heart-warming business to visit. Located at 500-9 Old Greenville Hwy Clemson, S.C. 29631, more information about For The Love Barbershop can be found at the website below.

  1. Kaleidoscope Counseling & Coaching Services 

Danielle McFarquhar is the owner and operator of Kaleidoscope Counseling & Coaching Services, and she also acts as the assistant director of Clemson’s National Scholars Program and Honors College. This business is a tele-therapy service that seeks to give young adults and professionals counseling and coaching. With a wide range of available services, Kaleidoscope Counseling & Coaching is full of possibilities for students in search of therapeutic interactions accessible from their own home. The website below has more information regarding the business and the services offered.

  1. Gabby’s Soulfood

Known as one of the best sources of home-cooked food in the area, Gabby’s Soulfood has recently moved from Walhalla to Seneca, South Carolina. This restaurant’s food includes options such as fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and it abides by the motto “Come Hungry, Leave Happy!” More information is available at their website below, and you can visit them at 103 Friendship Rd., Seneca, S.C. 29678.


  1. Black-owned businesses in Greenville

Despite being nearly an hour away, Greenville is a hub of activity and resources for Clemson students. The city has a large number of Black-owned businesses, and the community resource BLKGVL provides a helpful list of shops ranging from food trucks to healthcare. Give the website a visit next time you head to Greenville for a day in the city. 

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