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I was born in Mount Pleasant, SC but moved around too much to ever enjoy the amazing things tourists would say about local restaurants. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, my family and I would take vacations to Mount Pleasant to visit the areas where my parents grew up. One particular place, Sullivan’s Seafood Restaurant, was always our go-to restaurant when we visited.. The atmosphere of  the building was magnificent with its rustic decor and its beach-themed walls. Our visit to Sullivan’s was a trip everyone in the family looked forward to -for good reason. Never have we complained about the service or the quality of the food.Every server  was always friendly and loved making small talk with their customers. 

Now that Sullivan’s has  closed, I wish I had tried every dish on their menu to savor the feeling. Shrimp and grits were a local favorite, but their She-crab soup is a delicacy only Sullivan’s could provide. My parents have never had a She-crab soup that comes close to theirs. The love and dedication that went into the restaurant had made the food, atmosphere and experience much more special.

After eating the best seafood in the South, we either indulged ourseleves with dessert, or wandered to the front desk to look at the T-shirts they sold. Many of the designs that they sold were limited edition, so it was incredibly special to walk away with a full stomach and meaningful memorabilia.

Sullivan’s Seafood Restaurant has provided my family and I with memories of food and sentiment we will cherish for the rest of our lives.


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