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When was the last time you saw a movie that you absolutely loved? For me, it was this past December. The movie “Promising Young Woman”, directed and written by Emerald Fennell premiered on Christmas Day last year. It starred Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie and many more familiar faces. It had everything I could want in a movie, spanning from the acting, cinematography, plot and call to action.

As a young woman, it was an incredible experience to watch a movie directed by another woman that included a main female lead. The main character, Cassandra, is strong willed and sure of herself no matter what anyone else says. She does not care what anyone thinks; she does her own thing and sticks to her word, unlike other characters. 

Throughout the film, I saw myself within the character of Cassandra. The experiences she went through were so familiar… and it makes sense because it was written by a woman. By having female writers and directors, stories by women and for women are brought to life. They express what women have been wanting to say for ages, and they do it exquisitely. 

The storyline of “Promising Young Woman” is based on women’s experiences with men, specifically in partying and drinking environments. The main point the film makes is that consent is key and should be clearly stated by both parties. Considering the world we live in now, it is as important as ever to understand exactly what consent is and how vital it is to have it. 

This movie does a fantastic job of showing just how manipulative men can be towards women when it comes to consent. It also portrays the double standards that are placed on women when it comes to sex and expression. Watching this movie, I understood and recognized every scene that Cassandra was in. I felt truly represented. From the predator-like actions of the men, to the manipulation of consent the men fabricated, it was familiar. 

Not only should every young person view this film, every person should have the chance to watch it. It is the best representation I have ever seen in regards to the sticky situations that partying and sex can entail. I highly recommend that any and everyone watch this movie to understand just exactly what women go through on a yearly, weekly, and even daily basis. 


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