The Clemson Vintage Market was put on by Draba in collaboration with multiple vendors on Sunday, Nov. 13 at U Centre from 12 to 4 p.m. The market was bustling with racks full of vintage clothing ranging from '80s and '90s Clemson gear, sports jerseys, denim-wear, sweaters and more. 

Both student businesses and out-of-town vendors were in attendance, including the Charleston-based company Vaulted CHS. “It’s probably one of the favorite events that I’ve done,” said Sean Kyle, owner of Vaulted CHS.

The vintage market was one of the first of its kind in Clemson. The organizers from Draba, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, hold events that amplify local businesses while simultaneously creating fun events for a local community.

The company’s founder Davis Parker was in attendance on their stop in Clemson, and hopes to hold another event like this in the future. Parker refers to the vintage market as Draba’s “daytime party,” as they originally focused more on city nightlife and have recently expanded to more events in the day. 

Attendees of the event were able to browse more than 15 different vendors and purchase unique vintage pieces.

Students arrived early to the event to scope out the scene and rummage through the $5 and $10 piles available.

There was a wide variety of items and prices for people to explore, ranging from an elegant satin dress to an '80s racing jacket. U Centre also provided free Jimmy John’s sandwiches for those who attended. 

When asked about her experience at the market, Reese Black, a sophomore health science major, was enthusiastic about the large turnout of students and vintage Clemson merchandise. “It’s really cool to see things from old games,” says Black.

Along with clothing, some vendors also sold unique thrift store finds such as linens, antique jewelry and woven baskets. 

Local Clemson company Stripes Vintage was contacted by Draba to connect with the Clemson community for this event. Stripes Vintage has stores in both downtown Clemson and Anderson that sell sneakers and vintage clothing.

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