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After surveying The Tiger staff to discover the best classes to take at Clemson, I found a wide array of the top-rated General Education and Leisure Skill courses. If you’re ever looking for an extra class to add to your schedule or are a freshman unsure of which classes to take, check out this list of classes anyone can take at Clemson. 

Best General Education Courses: 

  • COMM-1500: Introduction to Human Communication

  • PHIL-1010: Introduction to Philosophic Problems 

  • PHIL-3450: Environmental Ethics 

  • CH-1010: General Chemistry 

  • ENGL-2150: Literature in 20th and 21st Century Context

  • PSYC-3060: Human Sexual Behavior 

  • PSYC-2010: Introduction to Psychology

  • POSC-1030: Introduction to Political Theory

  • SOC-2010: Introduction to Sociology

Best Leisure Skill Courses: 

  • LS-1850: Bowling 

  • LS-1870: Frisbee Sports

  • LS-1980: Golf

  • LS-2450: Pilates 

  • LS-1790: Scuba I

  • LS-1580: Archery

  • LS-2420: Meditation and Relaxation 

  • LS-2270: Introduction to Swing Dance

  • LS-2350: Basic Yoga 

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