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Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most popular and binge-worthy shows out there. Personally, I am rewatching it for the fifth time right now. I love to have it playing in the background while I’m doing tasks ranging from cooking to getting ready in the morning. You can tell me you’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but you cannot tell me you’ve never heard of Grey’s Anatomy. The show first aired in 2005 and is still going strong in its 17th season, with this season portraying the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on our beloved Grey’s realm. 

Now, even if you don’t know anything about the show, you likely at least know how much the creator, Shonda Rhimes, loves to kill off characters or write them off. Today, I’m going to address the top 5 worst Grey’s Anatomy deaths in my opinion. 

Beware, the following article contains spoilers up to the most recent episodes of the show!

No. 5: George O’Malley 

Now, some of you are probably going to hate me for this one. Everybody I talk to won’t shut up about how sad they are that George O’Malley died. He’s only in the top 5 because I feel like he deserves a spot for being an original character, but I’m not all that torn up about his death if I’m being honest. He died admirably and his Seattle Grace family was able to say goodbye to him. It was tragic, but understandable for his character.

No. 4: Andrew DeLuca

Hopefully you’ve seen the newest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy because I included DeLuca in here. I feel for Meredith in this situation because she has experienced far more loss in her life than most people consider normal. She finally found love again and lost it again. Not only did he die, but he died while she was hospitalized with COVID-19, so she was not able to properly say goodbye to him. I think Shonda Rhimes did us dirty here…. 

No. 3: Doc 

Now, you’re probably wondering why on earth I would put Meredith and Derek’s dog, Doc, on this list. Well, if you’re even asking me why, then I truly question where you stand on the notion that dogs are part of the family. Doc’s death not only was horrible because dogs never deserve death, but his death symbolized the end of Derek and Meredith’s relationship. It was a very emotional death that was full of symbolism. 

No. 2: Lexie Grey

Lexie Grey is a pretty obvious top death choice not only because of the weight of her death being Meredith’s sister but because of the way she died and how the audience saw her take her final breath. You cannot tell me that Mark laying on his stomach comforting her with stories of the beautiful life they’re going to have together while Lexie breathes her last breath isn’t heartrending. 

No. 1: Derek Shepherd 

I truly think the majority of people immediately think of Derek Shepherd’s death when thinking about the numerous deaths and tragedies that have occurred in Meredith Grey’s world and I am no exception. Derek Shepherd’s death, in my mind, is the most tragic death to occur in Grey’s Anatomy thus far. Primarily because he left behind Meredith and his children and it all could have been avoided if he would have gotten a head CT when he was first admitted to the Emergency Room. Thinking about how one wrong decision can change the entire trajectory of a life is a hauntingly beautiful reminder of the weight of our decisions. 

I know I was very bold when I decided to write this article as I’m sure plenty of people would love to debate my rankings. Who do you think deserves to be in the top 5 worst Grey’s Anatomy deaths?

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