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It may come as a surprise that humans are not the only species that have the ability to count; in fact frogs, spiders, and fish are just a few examples of animals that are capable of distinguishing between various amounts. This ability to count is actually fairly common, but a new study, pub…

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Over the last decade, research on the human microbiome has become increasingly prevalent. Researchers are understanding the importance of the microbes in our gastrointestinal tract and the role they play in the presence or absence of diseases such as irritable bowel disease, obesity, and mor…


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One of the best Clemson traditions during football season is Military Appreciation Day, and on Saturday, the Tigers will renew this prestigious tradition when they host the Wofford Terriers.


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It’s only the beginning of November and the start of the holiday season is already in full effect as Americans can now listen to holiday music in their cars, enjoy holiday flavored drinks with red and green cups at their local Starbucks and witness a variety of festive decorations in America…

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As a packaging science major, my job in the future will literally be to make trash. Therefore, I am reminded daily of the effect that plastics and other waste have on our environment, and what we should be doing to prevent further damage to our beautiful earth. And while most companies have …


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Yes. It’s that time of the year again. Spoiler Alert. This isn’t a ‘how to’ guide. It’s a reflection on what can be done to make the whole issue of finances for Clemson students less stressful.

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I knew it was going to start getting cold, considering it’s November and the nights had steadily been getting chillier. But walking outside on Monday, November 11, without looking at the weather beforehand was not what I expected. After all, we are in South Carolina, so I assumed it would be…

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It’s finally November. Halloween is over, and every store is already blasting Christmas music and posting their Black Friday deals. Little kids are making lists to Santa and college students are preparing for the endless questions from distant relatives during family reunions. In the crazine…