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The construction of the new Humanities Hall, next to Cooper Library, is an obstacle for many students and faculty, due to the closure of part of Library Bridge. However, the disturbances and bridge closure will continue this fall, according to the Clemson’s Facilities Construction Group. 

On Thursday, April 21, Military Heritage Plaza was rededicated to include awards Clemson alumni received serving in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After Clemson and head coach Dabo Swinney officially hosted 31 recruits over the weekend, in the past two days, the Tigers have now added three commitments to their class, which is quickly rising in the recruiting rankings.


On April 18, the Clemson Players opened their final show of the season, “Split in Three,” a period drama taking place in 1960s Mississippi. The show tackled, or at least attempted to, the reality of the violent racism and hateful worldviews that were present in the era. Last semester, the Cl…

TigerLive held Clemson University's ninth annual drag show in Old Main Auditorium on Saturday night, hosted by Carolina-native Patti O'Furniture.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), founded in 1909, has worked to combat the injustices and inequalities faced by the African-American community across the country, and for the first time since 2015, Clemson welcomes its own renewed NAACP chapter to campus.

Humans can’t help but take things for granted. No matter how novel or special something seems at first, it always seems to shrink in our eyes over time. 

It’s hard to encapsulate the four years I’ve spent, the four years anyone’s spent really, in just a couple hundred words. The way our lives have all collectively changed since starting my college career here at Clemson is immeasurable. But if you’re reading this now, you’re hyper aware of th…

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